Passport for Convicted Felon - How to Get a Passport With A Criminal Record?

In case you've plans to go overseas, you need to use for a passport way in front of the journey of yours. One reason to do it is in case you face problems, you are able to postpone your journey plans until you are able to buy a passport. For many folks without having a criminal record, the procedure could be perfect. Nevertheless, for individuals that are a convicted felon, the procedure could be complex. Nevertheless, a convicted felon will be able to obtain a passport.

Who's Not Eligible for a Passport?

Being convicted of a crime is able to have severe consequences. It is obtaining a passport. The kind of offense is able to help make you ineligible to obtain a passport. Here are a few factors which will stop from having your traveling documents.

Felony drug convictions (International drug trafficking.)
Certain additional drug convictions (Distribution of command substances)
Kid support cases (Owing far more than $5000 US)
Unpaid Federal loans and taxes
Being a minor who doesn't have parental consent to get a passport
Felony Drug Conviction

Under federal law twenty two U.S.C. 2714, the US authorities won't issue a passport to anybody if convicted of a felony, federal or maybe state drug offense while by using a passport or even crossing international boundaries while in the percentage of that crime. They'd in addition revoke any present passport in these instances. This disqualification would be in effect throughout the imprisonment of yours in jail, remain in a halfway parole or perhaps house.

Other Drug Convictions

In case you're a convicted felon due to dealing or maybe distribution of any management substances, the chance of yours of obtaining a passport may be slim or none. The law relating to this kind of conviction is kinder murky. Nevertheless, it might stop you from traveling abroad if you're denied a passport. The US Secretary of State might disqualify you in case you've a conviction of a misdemeanor condition or maybe federal drug charges, except in situations of misdemeanor drug charges which require just a very first offense possession of a controlled material. Just the Secretary of State is able to grant exceptions in humanitarian instances.

Kid Support Cases

If you've unpaid kid support arrears more than $5000, you won't be permitted to get a passport. Before you use, make arrangements paying it in its entirety or even create a payment schedule. As soon as you are able to do also, only then will the US Department of Human and Health Services are able to get rid of the name of yours from a listing of great arrears. An updated text of the report is often delivered to the US Department of State to confirm who owes kid support.

Unpaid Federal Loans and Taxes

Anybody who performs legally in the US must be having to pay taxes on the federal government. In case you failed to file the taxes of yours and toughest owes the Federal and State, you can't get yourself a passport. Furthermore, if at some stage you borrowed Federal loans to purchase the training of yours and didn't settle them back, you're likely to end up denied obtaining a passport. In order to eliminate the denial, you have to repay any excellent balances to the IRS or maybe loan providers by either establishing a payment plan or even paying it off.


A small under the age of sixteen years can't obtain a passport without the consent of both parents as well as guardians. A passport application demands both parents' or maybe guardians' signatures and supporting documents prior to getting approval. In case these documents aren't part of the application program, the application shall be denied.

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